Who we are

HOST A PAL connects people to unique travel experiences in various locations around the East African Countries. Whether it’s an eatery, a bed & breakfast, a night Club, amusement parks, game parks, Government services, hostapal.com showcases these establishments wherever you go as it is GPRS based and shows you establishments around you.

Find, Call and book accommodation and reservation from contacts on the site all for free from the comfort of your office or convenience of your mobile phone.


Michael Andrew – Kenya; BBA, AII (K), IT JUNKIE

mcandrewsPerturbed by the maze and confusion one goes through when travelling within East Africa and most of Africa  we decided to make the same easier by providing a platform where you can search your places of interests  using your smart phone or tablet. hostapal.com, showcasing interesting places around you wherever  you are across East Africa.”


The Late David Carter – Australia; B.Ec, LL.B (Hons), LL.M (Monash), BCL (Oxford)

carter“When I first came to Kenya I spent most of my time in malls not knowing where to visit around Nairobi. So  we thought why not come up with a platform where the ordinary tourist be they local or international can  use to show and guide them to their places of interest not only in Kenya but East Africa as a whole. Ladies      and Gents, welcome to that platform… hostapal.com


Richard Heho – United Kingdom; B.Comm (Acc) ACMA (UK), CPA (K), CPS (K)

“Living and working in the UK, London for over six years has made me used to convenience. So when I come to visit our richardbeautiful motherland it is so hard to know the hot spots to visit and hang out in especially with the  development taking place all over Kenya and East Africa as a whole. Its even more challenging when you go  upcountry and you don’t know where to start. There has to be an easier way and so we came up with the idea  of  hostapal.com. Now even local establishments coming up have a chance of online visibility and  one can easily get around and find these places.”


Michael Shittellah – Kenya;  IT & Business Systems

‘Gone are the days when you’d create a directory and wait for people to list organically,and then for traffic to come,while doing nothing. At hostapal.com we are dedicated to optimization of your listings so that we can generate traffic and advertisers, and it’s a continuous commitment.This is reason why i joined this exciting project that’s sure to revolutionize travel experiences across E.Africa.’